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A member of the Canadian Hellenic Congress††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††††††† Μελος του Καναδικού Ελληνικού Κογκρέσου


Welcome to the Canadian Hellenic Congress

of Alberta Website

The following is only a partial list of planned activities:

1. ††† Preparation of a Position Paper on Hellenic Issues for presentation to candidates in †††††† upcoming Municipal, Provincial and Federal Elections;

2. ††† Coordination and organization of cultural events related to Hellenic issues;

3. ††† Cooperation with the National CHC on issues of importance to the Canadians of †††††† Hellenic descent;

4. ††† Expansion of the membership base by inviting all Hellenic Societies in Alberta to †††††††††††† participate in the CHCA;

Future Plans

Canadian Hellenic Congress of Alberta