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A member of the Canadian Hellenic Congress                                    Μελος του Καναδικού Ελληνικού Κογκρέσου


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As a newly elected president in November 2012, my goal was to initiate communication with the Greek organizations across Alberta, and find opportunities to collaborate.


As a first step, the Canadian Hellenic Congress (CHCA) expanded its mailing list and continually disseminated pertinent information about taxation, education competitions, cultural, and political information to the Greek communities across Alberta.


CHCA also worked with the communities in Edmonton to plan and participate in the Greek Consular General’s Visit from Vancouver to Edmonton in April 2013. The visit enabled Albertans to quickly sign and complete paperwork required by the Greek government. At the formal dinner, attendees commented that it was the first time in many years that so many Greek societies attended a dinner together including: the Greek Orthodox Community of Edmonton, the Greek School, Kyklos, AHEPA, and the Canadian Hellenic Congress of Alberta. We hope that this is only the start of more opportunities for collaboration.


The CHCA, has also taken an active role in participating in events at the national level. CHCA participated in the Canadian Hellenic Congress’ Annual Convention & Elections at the Pan Macedonian Cultural Centre in Toronto in late 2012, and brought forward issues that affect Canadians of Greek decent in Alberta. The CHCA also participates in regular teleconferences with the National Canadian Hellenic Congress. The national body is a voice for Hellenes of Greek decent across Canada. It allows us to voice issues as a united front to Canadian politicians. The national Canadian Hellenic Congress has contacted politicians to streamline the immigration process for Greek professionals. A national task force has also been created to document the immigration and employment process for Greek immigrants, with detailed steps and considerations for each province.


Education is another initiative the Hellenic Congress is involved in.  Finding ways to effectively teach the Greek language to the 2nd or 3rd generation of children of Greek descent is a topic I am personally passionate about. The key is sharing information not only across the province, but across Canada amongst all representatives of Greek organizations in Canada to maintain knowledge of Greek heritage. The CHCA disseminated information about the 2nd Western Canadian Hellenic Education Conference to the Greek communities in Alberta and participated in the conference to discuss possibilities for collaboration around Greek language education in Canada.


There is a large array of initiatives the Hellenic Congress of Alberta is open to get involved with and help Greek organizations across Alberta. The key is having the representatives of each Greek organization in Alberta contact the executive members of Alberta’s Hellenic Congress to provide knowledge of their needs.  For those outside of the Greek community wishing to understand the dynamics amongst Alberta's Greek organizations, the Hellenic Congress of Alberta provides information and understanding of each organization and their functions.


We look forward to hearing from all members of Alberta’s Greek communities and open our doors and lines of communication to those who would like to help us with our initiatives – to bring all Greeks together with the common goal of maintaining our Greek heritage in Alberta.  From there, we will be able to represent your interests on a national level.


Elizabeth Hanlis


Canadian Hellenic Congress of Alberta

A Message from the President of CHCA

Canadian Hellenic Congress of Alberta